Just imagine driving away knowing that you have purchased an exhaust system of your choice and not simply an 'off the shelf' one.

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Servicentre design and manufacture exhaust systems to meet our customer's own requirements and specialise in all  Rolls Royce and  Bentley vehicles. By choosing to have your exhaust built by us, you'll be guaranteed that all your specific needs and requirements are discussed in full with one of our specialist team... before your exhaust is made.

You'll have the say in the design and sound of your new exhaust... making it exclusive and unique to your car.

You see we've had over 30 years experience hand building all types of pattern Rolls Royce and Bentley exhaust systems...from the "Ghost" to the "Turbo". All exhausts are built to the highest quality standards with all the correct internal pipework and finished with polished aluminium heatshields where required.

You'll find that the "twelve month and one day now my exhaust is falling off" guarantee isn't even an issue with us... infact it's unheard of.

Only high quality 14 or 16 gauge mild stainless steel tubing and sheet is used... allowing us to have the confidence to offer you a three year guarantee on all mild steel exhaust systems. And...if you never want to replace your exhaust again... a stainless steel system can be fitted which will outlast the lifetime of your car... guaranteed